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Tuesday 18 September 2018

Fantasy Veggie Dinner Guest - RICHEY EDWARDS

For girls of Zelda's generation, Mr Richard Edwards was an enigma, and a poet. 
Sadly, If I'm honest, we loved the fact that he took everything so seriously that, when his authenticity was questioned, he carved 4 Real into his arm with a razorblade. 
But, looking back now with the benefit of time and maturity, the sad human being behind it all becomes, ironically, more 'real'. It is clear that Richey was not suited to stardom and all its pressures. He suffered persistent and prolonged bouts of depression, leading to anorexia. One of the most promising signs of his so-called (or hoped for) improved mental health at the start of 1995 was when he was seen enjoying a bar of chocolate. Sadly, the progress was short-lived and by that February he had disappeared, leaving only a series of clues which continue to intrigue to this day. 

How much more might he have achieved if he had managed to conquer his depression...

In Zelda's world, where Karen Carpenter can clear her plate and cartoon dogs enjoy a plate of spaghetti, there is no reason why Richey can't - without any feelings of guilt - fill up on this brilliant chocolate treat. 


400g white chocolate
100g dark chocolate
(+ optional extras such as a small packet mini fudge chunks
and a small packet of chocolate chips)

Break the chocolate into separate bowls.
Place each bowl over (but not into) a saucepan of simmering water and stir until all the chocolate has melted.
Place baking paper on a tray and pour the white chocolate into the centre. 
Spread it out using the back of the spoon.
Drizzle the dark chocolate over the top. Then use the handle of a teaspoon to swirl it all together.
Sprinkle any added extras over the top.
Put in the fridge to set.
Then, either serve on paper as a slab...
...or place on a board and cut into pieces with a very sharp knife.

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