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Saturday 22 April 2017


A novelty twist on the old idea of cheese on sticks, combined with the starter you get on holiday.
Take a plate to a party.


1 ball mozzarella, rinsed and dried.
2 (or more) red, ripe tomatoes
Basil leaves (lots) - Pulling them fresh off a plant is best
Cocktail sticks

Cut each tomato into wedged sections, scoop out the seeds and just leave the flesh. Try to make all uniform in size.
Cut the mozzarella into bite-size chunks.
Put a cocktail stick through the centre of the cheese, then through a basil leaf, ending by sticking it into (but not right through) a piece of the tomato. Repeat until all cheese used up.
Place sticks on a plate.

Serve sprinkled with pepper or drizzled with some olive oil.

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