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Friday 16 February 2018

KILLING FOR CASH - A Meal for The Columbo Bowl Chili Cook-along


A fragment of a previously unknown episode featuring the popular TV sleuth has been uncovered.

All that has been located so far is part of the script and a few stills from the original, but we have been able to piece them together to reveal the first ten minutes of the episode entitled Killing for Cash:


Moose Allison is a jazz pianist who has announced that he will be recording his version of I Walk the Line by the legendary Johnny Cash. 
This one track will last for more than 45 minutes and be full of the discordant meanderings of which only a jazz musician seems maliciously capable. 

Zelda Manners is a Johnny Cash fan who is determined to put a stop to his evil plans.

Armed and dangerous, Zelda slips into the studio...
...where Moose is rehearsing.

Well, that’s the last B flat major in the third bar that Moose will ever play! 

Johnny Cash's legacy is safe.

Zelda sets up her alibi.

Then, back at home, she prepares for her dinner party.

At 8pm her guests crowd in; each of them able, if necessary, to vouch for the fact that she was with them all evening (except for Oscar who left to go to a boxing match and that bloke at the front with the glasses who fancied an early night).

Dinner is served and enjoyed by all. Mr Brando is especially complimentary and even asks for a second (and third) helping.

Later that night, there is a knock on the door.
Zelda opens it and is surprised to see a man, not in black, but in a very shabby raincoat, standing there. 
Now, what can he want at this late hour?

And there, unfortunately, the script ends. 

We hope to bring you more information soon. In the meantime, check out Silver Screen Suppers and catch up on the latest news from the Columbo Bowl Chili Cook-along.


  1. How clever was Ms Zelda for using a NON-STICK skillet to cook that Moose’s goose! That plagiarizing pianist and syncopated swindler was gonna make a cacophony of Cash! Was that Teflon coating enough to slip the persistent sleuth? Do tell...

    1. The jury is out...but I hope Zelda will live to cook another meal.

  2. Laughed out loud so much at this blog post! Working on my Columbo Bowl chili round-up post right now. Thanks so much for creating the veggie version of the Johnny Cash Chili Zelda! Was great to see you at the launch party!

    1. You are so welcome. Thanks for all the 'shout outs'. Was great to see you at the launch party - can't believe it was already a week ago. Good luck with the sales.