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Friday 10 May 2019

Fantasy Veggie Dinner Guest - KEVIN BACON

Kevin Bacon is a famously versatile actor. 
He has appeared in some of Zelda's favourite films. 

So why serve him a popcorn dish? 
Well, when I used to be taken to the cinema by my parents, we would always have snacks, but snacks brought from home. What came from the huge popcorn machine in the foyer was deemed a bit extravagant, and was made even more desirable by the adverts always shown between films. 
But when, as a teenager, I started going to the cinema with friends, the first time I can remember 'chipping in' to share one of these huge boxes of delights, was when we went to see Kevin Bacon overturn a small town's dancing ban in Footloose. Oh, heady days when we could dance away our frustrations to the sound of a cassette tape played on a car stereo.

So, for Kevin, here is:


30g salted popcorn
100g breadcrumbs
1tsp paprika
1tsp cayenne pepper
100g plain flour
2 large eggs
2 vegetarian chicken-style steaks*, defrosted if frozen
sunflower oil
salt and black pepper

*I used Quorn crispy fillets. They already have a very thin layer of batter on them. 

Blend the popcorn with the breadcrumbs and spices, then tip them into a bowl.
Whisk the eggs in a separate bowl.
Place flour in a shallow bowl and season well.
Slice the chicken-style steaks. 
Dip each slice in the egg, then coat with the flour. Dip in egg again and then roll in the popcorn mixture.
Place all on a plate and refrigerate for at least half an hour.
When ready to eat, heat enough oil to cover the base of a large frying pan.
Cook in batches for 2-3 minutes each side.

Excellent served with some Sour Cream and Chive Dip and Chilli Cucumber Crescents.

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