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Monday 10 June 2019

Fantasy Veggie Dinner Guest - SAMMY DAVIS JNR

How do you describe Sammy Davis, Jnr?

Singer, dancer, actor, impressionist, activist, comedian, the list goes on...

He was an important member of  what we know as The Rat Pack, appearing with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin on stage in Las Vegas and in films such as Ocean's 11. 

His version of Mr Bojangles brings a lump to the throat.
He had to fight all the way for acceptance in the entertainment world, but eventually became known as 'The World's Greatest Entertainer' and now has a road in Las Vegas named after him (intersecting with those for Frank and Dean).
Apparently, you can get a great taco there. 
So, here's a recipe for one that Sammy might enjoy if he came to dinner with Zelda.


First, you need some chilli. The best one Zelda has found was created by another showbiz legend: Johnny Cash

Then assemble the following:
taco shells
iceberg lettuce, chopped
sour cream
hard cheese, grated
salsa dip

Warm the taco shells.
Place chilli inside.
Top with lettuce, sour cream, salsa and grated cheese.

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