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Sunday 7 January 2024



Makes 2 pies

Defrost 3 balls of frozen spinach.
Place in a food processor with 100g plain flour, 150ml milk and 1 egg, beaten.

Whizz all together well and transfer to a bowl.
Heat a little oil and cook the batter, a ladleful at a time, turning halfway.
Place to one side and repeat with the remaining batter. This should make four pancakes in total.

Make up a pack of flavoured couscous according to packet instructions.
Heat another 1tbsp of oil and gently fry 1 red onion, chopped and 1 yellow pepper, chopped.
Combine with the couscous and allow to cool.
Place the couscous mixture on one side of a pancake.
Fold over (like a pasty). Cut in half.
Lifting carefully, place each inside a round baking tin. Repeat.
Grate 100g cheese. Cover the top of each pie with half of the cheese.
Cook at Gas 7/ 220˚ C for about 15 minutes until the cheese bubbles.
Can be eaten hot or cold. Either serve in the dish...
or, cover with a small plate and turn out.

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