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Monday 5 June 2017

Fantasy Veggie Dinner Guest - DIRTY HARRY

I love the scene in Dirty Harry where Harry Callahan mops up a bank robbery with a hot dog in hand; the first time he utters the immortal phrase,“I know what you’re thinking…” 

So, if Harry came to dinner, we would have hot dogs (and then maybe, intimidate some ‘punks’).

Now, I know what you're thinking: how can hot dogs make a suitable 'dinner'? My answer would be that Harry wouldn't care about folded napkins or scented candles. He would love a woman who could put a tasty snack on the table with a bottle of squeezy mustard and a beer. 


Important Point:
There are several options for the vegetarian hot dog sausages:
1 - using vegetarian hot dog sausages (usually in the supermarket frozen cabinet)
2 - using sausages made from a meat substitute such as Quorn
3 - using vegetable sausages made from e.g carrots/ peas 
I would not suggest using the ones made from vegetables as they tend to be quite crumbly. Vegetable protein or Quorn makes a more realistic sausage for this iconic American snack.
I have, therefore, made it two ways.
(Remember that this is an 'indoor' dish. Hot dogs on an outdoor barbecue are something else entirely and usually make you end up with black teeth.)

Serves 2 - 4 depending on how hungry you are/ who is eating with you.
4 hot dog rolls
4 sausages - use either frozen vegetarian hot dog sausages (which look like frankfurters) or Quorn sausages
3 medium onions (red or white depending upon your preference), peeled and chopped roughly, or sliced thinly
2tbsp oil (possibly 3tbsp - see below)
2tbsp vinegar (I usually use balsamic or red wine vinegar but malt vinegar will do)
2tbsp sugar (caster sugar works best with white/onions; brown is best with red onions)

First start the onions 
The longer you allow for these to cook, the better they will be.

Heat 2tbsp oil in a pan and add onions.

Allow to soften and then add the sugar. 
Stir until all are covered. Pour in half of the vinegar. 
Turn the heat right down until it looks as though it has almost gone off.

Keep an eye and stir at regular intervals. 
When all the first half of vinegar has been absorbed, add the rest.

Keep turning gently until they are soft and sweet.

Cook the sausages
If using hot dog sausages, put them in a pan of boiling water and heat for about 3 minutes.
If using Quorn sausages, defrost if frozen. Heat 1tbsp oil and then fry sausages until browned on all sides. 

Prepare the rolls 

This is usually just a case of splitting them down the middle. Some people will put spread on them but it really isn't necessary. 


The trick is to have everything ready at the same time so you can put it all together in a hurry.

Open up a roll, place a sausage in the middle and cover with onions.

Serve with ketchup and/ or squeezy mustard.

So enjoy... and here's Harry!

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