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Saturday 5 August 2017

Fantasy Veggie Dinner Guest – COURTNEY LOVE

I was asked recently whether I started with the guest or the recipe. The answer is that it can be either (or neither). Sometimes I watch a particular film or hear a particular song and it almost makes me want to host a dinner party there and then. In that case, I will search through my bank of recipes and pick something which I feel will be suitable. On other occasions, I will come across a recipe I want to adapt, and then think about who I would like to share it with.
And I also have a list of people – dead, alive or fictional – that I know I would love to invite for a meal. (Instead of a bucket list it is more of a ‘Dinner Register’.)
This one is from that list.

I read an article recently where Courtney Love said that she had conquered her addiction to drugs but was still battling her addiction to cheese. In the knowledge that brie is better than heroin, I would invite her round for this tasty Brie and ‘Bacon’ Frittata.


2tbsp olive oil
100g vegetarian bacon
6 eggs
Small bunch chives, snipped
100g Brie, sliced

Heat 1tbsp oil in a pan and fry the bacon.
Drain on kitchen roll, then cut into small pieces.
Lightly beat the eggs.
Mix the eggs with the chives, bacon and black pepper.
Heat remaining tbsp oil in a pan and then add the egg mixture.
Cook until semi-set.
Place the brie slices on top.
Place under a hot grill until cooked through.
Transfer to a plate and allow to cool a little.
Cut into slices and serve with salad or an accompaniment of your choice.

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