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Wednesday 30 August 2017

Fantasy Veggie Dinner Guest - JACK LEMMON

A while ago, Zelda had Walter Matthau around for some special sandwiches, so she thought that she should also do something for Jack Lemmon, his co-star in so many great films.
Lemmon always gave a superb performance, but one of my personal favourites is Avanti! where he learns to relax and love Italy, especially its pasta. (There is even a great scene where Juliet Mills lists types of pasta. In 1972 many people in the UK only knew of spaghetti.)

So here is a vegetarian pasta meal for Jack.


Serves 2-3

100g cheese, grated very finely
3 eggs (2 whole eggs + 1 extra yolk)
2 garlic cloves, crushed
300g spaghetti
4 rashers fake bacon
75ml cream
1-2tbsp oil

When ready to eat, cook spaghetti in a pan. 
Then drain.

Meanwhile, in a wok, cook the ‘bacon’.
(This can has be done in advance).

In same wok, cook the garlic and add the bacon again.

In a bowl beat 2 eggs + 1 yolk. 

Then mix with cream and cheese and season.

Add the spaghetti to the wok with bacon.
Pour egg mixture over the top and stir all together.

Mix until silky and serve with garlic bread.

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