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Saturday 2 September 2017


A comforting bowl of pasta in just 20 minutes.

I devised this today, on a whim, in order to make the most of the fact that half a greenhouse-worth of tomatoes seem to have come to fruition overnight. 
I will make it again.

Serves 2
150g macaroni
6 small fresh tomatoes
1 onion, chopped
100g soft cream cheese
1tbsp tomato puree
handful of basil leaves
1tbsp olive oil

Heat a pan of water and cook the pasta.

Meanwhile, gently fry the onion until soft and golden.

Turn off the heat and add the cream cheese and tomato puree, mixing together well in the residual heat.

Cut each tomato into four.

Rip the basil into pieces and add both to the mixture. 

Stir gently so that you do not damage the tomatoes.

Season and wait until the pasta is ready.

When the pasta is cooked to your liking, drain it and return it to the same pan.

Then stir the tomato mixture through the pasta.

If you like you can leave it until later and heat up again when needed. If so, add a little milk and make sure everything is piping hot.

When ready, serve with the remaining basil leaves.

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