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Saturday 16 September 2017

Fantasy Veggie Dinner Guest – HARRIET VANE

Dorothy L Sayers’ detective Lord Peter Wimsey first meets Harriet Vane in the novel Strong Poison when she is on trial for the murder of Phillip Boyes. He falls in love with her immediately but, in a very sensitive portrayal of a woman’s mental state, Sayers makes her refuse his proposals until she has been able to re-establish herself as an independent woman, successful writer of fiction and respected academic.

In Strong Poison, Vane’s estranged lover, Phillip Boyes, has been found dead from acute arsenic poisoning. He had a meeting with Harriet just before he died, but the last meal he ate was with his cousin Norman Urquhart. Although partially prepared in the kitchen, it was cooked at the table by Urquhart and shared between them, so surely it can’t be the source of the poison or Urquhart would be dead as well?

Come to dinner Harriet (and bring Lord Peter with you, too.) We can banish old ghosts and have this for dessert. I might even try cooking it at the table over a spirit lamp.


2 free range eggs
2tbsp caster sugar
1tsp butter

Separate eggs and whites into bowls.

Beat the whites into soft peaks.

Mix the yolks with the sugar.

Take a spoonful of the whites and add to the yolks. 

Then pour the yolk mixture into the whites and stir until combined.

Heat the butter in a pan.

Pour in half of the mixture.
(I actually tried this twice. The first time I put all the mixture in one pan but it was too thick to manage properly. The second time, I split it between two pans and it worked much better.)
Cook through...
...then turn and fold.

Serve with some jam, a sweet sauce of your own, or a sprinkling of sugar.

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