Real vegetarian food, served in an imaginary world...

Saturday 18 December 2021


½ iceberg lettuce, shredded
1 little gem lettuce, shredded
3 spring onions, including green, chopped finely
10-12 red grapes, halved
½ a red pepper, small chop
½ a yellow pepper, small chop
¼ cucumber, finely sliced
1 tomato, deseeded and chopped into small pieces
segments of 1 small orange, halved
+ any other items of choice

Cut a circle from greaseproof paper of the chosen size for the wreath. Put this on a plate or board. Alternatively, double-line it with tin foil in-situ.
Start by arranging the lettuce around the outside of the circle.
Then, scatter the other ingredients to create colour and depth.
You can leave it like this 
but it is even better to add a bow and lights.
Alternatively, put crisps and dips in the middle.

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