Real vegetarian food, served in an imaginary world...

Sunday 29 October 2023


One third of a sheet of pre-rolled puff pastry will make 10 mini pinwheels.
Peel one small red onion and chop very finely.
Fry gently in a little oil.
Add 1tbsp of curry paste and stir to combine.
Add 1tbsp of tomato puree and a large splash of hot water. Mix all together.
Allow to reduce until you have a sticky, jam-like paste.
Spread over the pastry (landscape).
Roll up carefully. Then cut into 10 sections. Squash each one and place on a sheet of grease proof paper on a baking tray. 
Cook at Gas 7/ 210˚C for about 15 minutes.
Serve with some chopped coriander.

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