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Friday 2 March 2018

Fantasy Veggie Dinner Guest - MR TOAD

After various shenanigans concerning the theft of a motor car, Toad is sent to ‘a dank and noisome dungeon’ where he petulantly refuses to eat. Luckily for him, the gaoler’s daughter takes pity on him and decides to tempt him with some Bubble and Squeak.

'Now, cheer up, Toad,' she said, coaxingly, on entering, 'and sit up and dry your eyes and be a sensible animal. And do try and eat a bit of dinner. See, I've brought you some of mine, hot from the oven!'
It was bubble-and-squeak, between two plates, and its fragrance filled the narrow cell. The penetrating smell of cabbage reached the nose of Toad as he lay prostrate in his misery on the floor, and gave him the idea for a moment that perhaps life was not such a blank and desperate thing as he had imagined…

So if Mr Toad came to Zelda's, she hopes she could inspire him again. These individual cakes are a bit more 'refined' but I hope that would appeal to his arrogance, too.

Left-over cooked potatoes, mashed.
Cooked cabbage, chopped
(You need an approximate ratio of 2 potato: 1 cabbage)
I onion, chopped
Salt and black pepper
1- 2tbsp plain flour
3tbsp olive oil.

Place the mashed potato and cabbage together in a bowl.
Heat 1tbsp of the oil and fry the onion until lightly browned.
Add to the potato mixture. Mix well and season 
Shape into cakes.
Put the flour on a plate and coat each cake.
Heat the rest of the oil and add the cakes.
Cook all until browned on each side and heated through. (I usually do two at a time but you can do four in a large enough pan.)
Drain on absorbent paper if needed.  
Serve hot.

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