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Friday 9 March 2018

Fantasy Veggie Dinner Guest - SIMON LE BON

In March 1983, Rio earned Duran Duran their first Gold Album award. 

Now 35 years – yes, 35 years – later, Zelda would like to invite Simon le Bon for a meal.
Inspired by a lyric from the title track of Rio, Zelda is delighted to serve...


Serves 4 (but can easily be reduced to serve fewer or multiplied to serve more).

260g tin of cherries in syrup
300ml double cream
100g more dark chocolate
1 tub of cherry ice cream (Make it from scratch if you want, but Zelda sees no need to go to all that trouble.)
N.B. Check whether the cherries have stones in and remove them if they do. 

Start by making the brownies: (For quickness, you can skip this step and buy ready-made if you want, but home-made treats add a special something. See here for the recipe.)
Then assemble the dish:
When ready to serve, take four individual bowls or glasses.
Place 2 cherries at the bottom of each bowl.
Add a few crumbs from the brownies.
Then spoon a bit of the juice over the top.
Add a scoop of ice cream. (Don't worry if the glass looks mucky; you can clean it up at the end.)
Whip the cream until it forms soft peaks...
...then layer it over the rest.
Grate the final 100g of dark chocolate and sprinkle it over.
Finish with a cherry.

Unfortunately, Simon couldn't come today, but Dave and Stuie gave it a whirl.

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