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Thursday 4 July 2019

Fantasy Veggie Dinner Guest - KENICKIE

Kenickie is Zelda's favourite character in Grease. 

He is a member of the T Birds, the owner of the car, 'Greased Lightning'.

In the 'diner scene' of the 1978 film, he disgusts his girlfriend Rizzo by the way he eats a burger. Maybe it wasn't the right burger. Zelda has an alternative he might like.

4 Brioche burger buns
4 veggie burgers (I used 'Quorn’ ones)
2 large red onions
2tbsp oil
25g butter
2tbsp red wine vinegar
1tbsp sugar
handful of chopped crisp lettuce
mayonnaise or ketchup
4 slices of cheese
handful of chopped coriander

Peel the onions. Slice most and chop the rest.
Heat 1tbsp oil and the butter.
Cook very gently, over a low heat, for about 15 minutes until soft and slightly sticky.
Then add the sugar and red wine vinegar and continue cooking for another 5 minutes.
While the onions are cooking, heat the remaining oil in a separate pan and fry the burgers until brown on each side.
Cut buns in half
Spread bottoms with the condiment of your choice. 
Maybe mayonnaise...
...or ketchup
Prepare the additional fillings...
Assemble the burgers

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