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Tuesday 16 July 2019

Fantasy Veggie Dinner Guest - P J HARVEY

This one was a request by Dave. 

His favourite of her songs is Snake.
So, as a homage to that (quite risqué) track, here is a suitable snack and a cocktail inspired by the lyrics :
You snake, you dog, you fake, you liar
I've burned my hands, I'm in the fire
You salty dog, you filthy liar
My heart it aches, I'm in the fire


To make one snake:
2 bagels
half a pack of soft cheese
skin from ¼ cucumber
about 5 small tomatoes
1 small piece of radish skin
1 small olive

Slice each bagel in half and then cut each slice in two.
Spread each with soft creamy cheese and arrange in sequence to form the parts of the snake. Join together with a bit more cheese.
Then add the details to make stripes, eyes and tongues.
Decorate with leaves.

This is a 'female' twist on the usual 'Salty Dog'.

Make a salty rim around each short glass
Mix 6tbsp sugar with some warm water in a bowl to make a syrup.
Place a large sprinkling of salt on a plate.
Dip the rim of the glass in the sugar syrup, then roll in the salt.
Allow to set.
Fill half the glass with ice
Pour 50ml gin and 50ml pink grapefruit juice on top.

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