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Wednesday 27 December 2017

A Meal for PETER'S FRIENDS (Happy New Year)

How time flies! Peter's Friends tells the story of a group of university friends who graduated in 1982
enjoying a 10 year reunion for New Year's Eve in 1992.
Now, a whole 25 years later, I would like to invite them all round for another get-together. Actually, the meal would come later, but, as they reacquaint themselves and have a few drinks, they might like these:


1 large sweet potato
sunflower oil
fresh coriander leaves, chopped

Peel the sweet potato and slice into discs.
Heat the oil in a large pan and fry the discs in batches.
Drain on kitchen roll. Keep warm until all are cooked.
Sprinkle with salt and chopped coriander.


2 parsnips
2tbsp sunflower oil

Discard the outer skin, then peel the parsnips in strips.
Place in a bowl and coat with the oil.
Spread out on baking trays.
Cook in oven at 160°C/ Gas 4 for about 30 minutes, swapping position of trays at half time. 

SPICY MUFFINS Makes 6 but can easily be multiplied

125g/ 4oz self-raising flour
1tsp curry powder
2 carrots
1 sweet potato
60g/4oz cheddar cheese
45g/ 1½oz butter
1 egg, lightly beaten
90ml/ 3floz milk

Oil a muffin tin or prepare non-stick cups.
Sift the flour and curry powder into a bowl.
Grate the carrot, sweet potato and cheese, and mix thoroughly.
Melt the butter and combine with the milk and the egg. Stir into the other ingredients until you have a lumpy batter.
Spoon into the cups.
Cook at 180°C/ Gas 4 for 25 minutes.
Allow to cool for a couple of minutes, then turn out onto a wire tray.

BRIE AND GRAPE CROSTINI Makes about 12 but can easily be multiplied

2 fresh or freshly baked crusty rolls
100g Brie
6 red grapes
Handful cashew nuts

Cut the rolls into slices.
Toast lightly on both sides.
Place slices of the cheese on top and place back under the grill.
Meanwhile, chop the nuts and halve the grapes.
When the cheese bubbles, crumble the nuts over the top and press a grape half into the top of each.
Serve warm. 

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