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Monday 10 July 2017

Fantasy Veggie Dinner Guest - PRINCE

I grew up with Prince's music so it was a shock to hear of his premature demise. I would like to think of him at my fantasy dinner table. 

Prince was, in fact, a vegetarian already.
Knowing that he was an eccentric, I don’t think I would waste my time by trying to serve him any usual main course. Instead, knowing that he liked to be spoilt and made a fuss of (and that his minder always had to taste any food first), I think fairy cakes would be the logical answer. Especially these purple ones.


Makes 12

125g/ 4oz caster sugar
125g/ 4oz self-raising flour
125g/ 4oz butter
2tbsp fresh lavender flowers, rinsed and dried
12 whole lavender flowers (for decoration)
2 free-range eggs
2tbsp milk
350g/ 12oz icing sugar
Purple (or a combination of red and blue) food colouring

Mix the lavender flowers with the sugar and flour in a food processor.
Pass through a sieve and throw away any of the rough flowers which are left.
Add butter and eggs and mix until smooth.
Place 12 bun cases in a bun tray and spoon the mixture into the bun cases.
Bake for about 15 minutes until they have risen. Place on a wire rack to cool.
Sift the icing sugar into a bowl and mix with 6 tbsp of cold water. Add food colouring to stain it a purple colour. (This should make more than you think you will need.)
When the buns are cool, spread the icing over them. Allow the icing to drip - just place some kitchen roll beneath the wire rack. 

When this layer has dried, spread another layer on top. Repeat until you have a nice thick covering.
Remove the paper cases and place on a plate. Top each bun with a lavender flower.

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