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Wednesday 12 July 2017


My next way to use the gooseberries was to make some gooseberry fool - or Red Gooseberry Fool as I was using the red fruit.

50g/ 1lb red gooseberries
75g/ 3oz caster sugar
500g tub fresh custard, chilled (or make your own in advance)
150ml double cream

Wash gooseberries and then place them in a large pan with the caster sugar.

Heat until sugar dissolves and gooseberries are soft and pulpy.

Whizz in a blender until you have a mushy liquid.
Pass this through a sieve. Discard pips, stalks, etc. You should be left with a lovely smooth sauce.
Allow to cool thoroughly and then chill.

Mix chilled gooseberry sauce with the custard, swirling both together. Then chill again.

Whip cream and re-chill.

Add a small amount of gooseberry mixture to the cream to loosen it. 

Then mix all together, folding the cream in to keep it light.

Either serve in one large bowl or spoon into glasses and serve with biscuits.

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